The Last Tale of Peter Rabbit on Grimm: Bad Luck

Friday's Grimm picked up right where the fall finale left off, in Nick and Juliette's living room. And while this episode wasn't quite as exciting for our main characters as the past few have been, we do get some more answers on what's been going on, and Monroe and Rosalee get to help with the case of the week,… » 3/22/15 4:22pm 3/22/15 4:22pm

A few misc. thoughts after tonight’s TWD episode

  • I would totally live in a “planned community” like Alexandria. It looks pretty! And sounds sustainable! Am I the only one??
  • #cleancutRick! I forgot what you looked like, non-beard Rick! You look nice! Good thing you met that married lady to flirt with! #not #honeypot
  • Why doesn’t anyone ever ask, “What happened?” before…
  • » 3/01/15 10:05pm 3/01/15 10:05pm

Bear Chews Finch's Shoe and Gets Walked on Person of Interest: Blunt

Other stuff happened too, of course, but everyone's favorite canine of interest had been out of sight the last few episodes, so it was good to see him back . A lot of the episode felt like things were being setup for payoffs in future episodes this season, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to watch. The number… » 2/27/15 1:31am 2/27/15 1:31am

The Most Explosive Last Five Minutes Ever! on Grimm: Trial By Fire

On Friday's Grimm, Nick and Hank investigate an arson based homicide, that not surprisingly turns out to be wesen related, and need help from someone from Nick's (and the show's) past. Meanwhile, Viktor and Adalind make some progress into tracking down Kelly Burkhardt and finding out who was involved in Diana's… » 2/15/15 11:56am 2/15/15 11:56am

The Biest Is Unleashed on Grimm: Marechaussee

On Friday's Grimm, Portland gets a lot of unwanted visitors, including another manticore, collecting on bounties set by the Wesen Council, and Viktor and Adalind, who aren't leaving town without Diana. Meanwhile, Juliette is dealing with being a hexenbiest, and Monroe and Rosalee are back from their honeymoon just… » 2/08/15 5:06pm 2/08/15 5:06pm

Notches and Quivers: Arrow proves Team Arrow is better without Arrow

Since Esther seems to have pulled an Oliver, I've decided to bring back my Arrow recap for the week.* It's official: we've hit Arrow's midseason slump. Uprising, the finale of a three parter episode coming on the heels of an excellent episode and a mostly terrible one manages to be just so-so, mostly because we don't… » 2/06/15 3:21am 2/06/15 3:21am

The Search for Shaw Continues on Person of Interest: M.I.A.

On Tuesday, Person of Interest returned to our TVs, and the search for Shaw continued with Reese and Root following the lead from the previous episode ( Control-Alt-Delete) and end up in simple looking town, while Finch helps from home base, and also asks Fusco for some help with another number. Gif-heavy spoilers… » 2/05/15 1:57pm 2/05/15 1:57pm

There's Something Strange in the Neighborhood on Grimm: Death Do Us Part

On Friday's episode of Grimm, Death Do Us Part, some ghost seekers come to town to check out a haunted house, but more importantly Juliette has some awesome new powers but for some unfathomable reason doesn't want to keep them. Spoilers after the break. » 2/01/15 5:20pm 2/01/15 5:20pm

As she's walking through a parking lot to meet Sean, a car…

The Wesenrein End Up On A Trial of Their Own on Grimm: Tribunal.

Friday's episode of Grimm, Tribunal, concludes the story of Monroe's kidnapping and trial before the Wesenrein tribunal, and does so with a completely awesome showdown. And there's some good stuff leading up to it too. The whole gang puts their efforts into finding out who was at the wedding that knows someone in… » 1/25/15 4:59pm 1/25/15 4:59pm

Team Grimm Gets a New Recruit on Wesenrein

There was a lot going on for Team Grimm on Friday's return-from-break episode, Wesenrein. When we last left off, Sgt. Wu had been told that what he's been seeing is real and dealt with it by getting in a bar fight and ending up in jail, Monroe and Rosalee were being threatened by the Wesenrein, a wesen hate group… » 1/18/15 4:55pm 1/18/15 4:55pm