NASA Helps the People of Earth Take a Global Selfie

On Earth Day this year (April 22), NASA put out a call for submissions of selfies for people all over the world. The selfies were submitted to NASA via social media, with the hashtag #globalselfie, and they received responses from people in every continent (even Antarctica) and 113 countries. These images were put… » 5/22/14 1:22pm 5/22/14 1:22pm

Supercat to the Rescue!

This little boy, Jeremy, is lucky to have such a good feline friend. The family tabby, Tara, body-slammed and chased a dog that had snuck up behind Jeremy and grabbed him. Jeremy came out of it with only a few stitches. There is a gif and video of the encounter which I'll post below - it's kind of scary, in that it… » 5/14/14 4:10pm 5/14/14 4:10pm