A Flying Star Destroyer Drone Looks Terrifying As It Descends From Above

If the opening shot of Star Wars emphasized one thing, it's that the Empire's Star Destroyers are gigantic imposing spaceships that everyone in the galaxy should fear. The same goes for Oliver C's lastest quadcopter creation: a flying Star Destroyer that looks just as intimidating as it descends on you from above. And… » 3/26/15 5:30pm Thursday 5:30pm

Which Non-Canon Universe Do You Like Better Than Official Canon?

Many media franchises these days have an expanded unverse. And yet often times, the people behind the biggest part of that franchise can't be bothered to keep up with what the other people playing in their sandbox have been up to. So often, the official stance is, "The expanded universe is not canon," or the slightly… » 3/25/15 9:15pm 3/25/15 9:15pm

ISIS Militants Make Moves On Tatooine

The Huffington Post reports on growing evidence that Tataouine – the region of Tunisia that inspired George Lucas's vision of the Skywalker home-world – is being targeted by jihadist forces. » 3/25/15 7:09am 3/25/15 7:09am

Marvel's Princess Leia and the Ladies of Star Wars

Today I picked up Marvel's Princess Leia #01, the first of a five-part miniseries, and I enjoyed it immensely. Writer Mark Waid knocked the issue out of the park! The spoiler-lite review follows below, as well as my follow-on thoughts on the Star Wars universe at large. » 3/10/15 12:00am 3/10/15 12:00am

My incredibly late review of Star Wars 001

So, my box at the local comic shop got completely forgotten for a month as I had to rush to move in the wake of some unpleasant circumstances late last year. » 2/04/15 12:20am 2/04/15 12:20am

Ball Droid Song

Okey, so I was really bored and then I saw this video and Robs comment about it. Suddenly I knew what I had to do with my boredom. I opened up Ableton, dropped the audio clip into a sampler, found a vengence loop and started to work... » 1/30/15 5:52pm 1/30/15 5:52pm

"Star Wars" #1 is F***ing Awesome

As you probably already know, today was the release day of Star Wars #1, Marvel's first Star Wars comic book in over twenty years. It was written by Jason Aaron (the writer of Thor and Southern Bastards) and drawn by John Cassady (the artist of Planetary). And it was fucking awesome. » 1/15/15 12:18am 1/15/15 12:18am

About That Missing Roman Numeral

It's been a little over a month since Disney officially unveiled Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to the world, and while there's been a ton of fan speculation and press coverage, there's one aspect of the publicity that's been curiously overlooked: the lack of a Roman numeral. » 12/26/14 9:08pm 12/26/14 9:08pm

One Advantage Physical Media Will Always Have

Digital distribution is the way of the future! But there is one area where downloaded or streamed content will never be able to compete with older formats. Shelf presence! As someone with something of a collector's mentality, this: » 12/18/14 1:18pm 12/18/14 1:18pm

The cute rolling ball droid in the new Star Wars is a real robot not CGI

Perhaps the best part about the new Star Wars trailer was seeing BB-8, the adorable rolling ball robot in the new Star Wars movie, bounce and roll itself across the screen. It looked so familiar and so cute and so perfect as the new movie's answer to R2-D2. And the best thing about it? BB-8 is a real robot and not CGI. » 12/16/14 6:38am 12/16/14 6:38am

What Is So Wrong About Canon?

In recent days, there has been a lot of hate spewed at canon, many saying it is a crutch to creativity. In my own opinion, I disagree with this assertion and believe that canon is a great creative source and I am here to explain my beliefs on why.http://io9.com/the-secret-to-... » 12/14/14 1:07pm 12/14/14 1:07pm

The New Star Wars Lightsaber Explained

Alt-Text: My favorite argument so far: 'If a lightsaber needed a cross guard they could've just made it out of any of the following in-universe materials, Phrik, Mandalorian iron, or lava-dragon hide, just to name a few...' » 12/01/14 10:22am 12/01/14 10:22am

A Supercut Of Star Wars Prequel Ships Landing And Taking Off

Say what you will about his rapport with actors and skill at writing dialogue, but George Lucas really knew how to choreograph CGI spacecraft doing stuff. This shit is mesmerizing. » 12/01/14 5:32am 12/01/14 5:32am

That New Star Wars Teaser Trailer

Wait, wait this in't a repeat post! I am not talking about the new one for Episode VII, I mean for Episode I. I have seen a lot of sentiment that, while the new teaser looks pretty cool, we have been down this road before and been burned with the prequels. While that caution is probably a good idea, it got me… » 11/28/14 6:01pm 11/28/14 6:01pm

That Star Wars Trailer Will Be On iTunes Friday

» 11/26/14 9:11pm 11/26/14 9:11pm