King of the Paraphrase: A conversation from the House of Hatrack

I'm in the kitchen and can hear that WinnieTheWoot is watching Good Eats but we have last week's episode of The Strain to catch up on so I ask her if it's a good episode. » 9/13/14 4:41pm 9/13/14 4:41pm

Crowdsourcing Moral Support

We dropped WinnieTheWoot off at college yesterday and it's her first time away from home. Anybody who wants to pile on some love can tweet words of encouragement to her @DiscoStig. » 8/19/14 8:02pm 8/19/14 8:02pm

I'm going to miss this kid come fall

WinnieTheWoot got out of bed this morning and asked "What are we going to do today, Brian*?" To which the only appropriate response was "The same thing we do everyday, Punky**." » 6/12/14 11:59am 6/12/14 11:59am

Finally, a diagnosis in the House of Hatrack

I'm making breakfast this morning when WinnieTheWoot comes into the kitchen and gives me her usual affectionate greeting, a boop on the nose with her nose.* » 6/11/14 9:57am 6/11/14 9:57am

...and that's how you get kaiju.

On the last leg of our journey home from Atlanta we drove past one of the landfills in suburban Detroit (insert your own joke here). WinnieTheWoot was in the passenger seat next to me looking out the window. » 5/19/14 10:00am 5/19/14 10:00am

WinnieTheWoot is officially a Rocket

After a far more involved process than anyone wanted she has decided on where she is going to college. She has been accepted to (and showered with scholarships by) the University of Toledo. » 4/11/14 3:03pm 4/11/14 3:03pm

Finally got to the theater to watch The Lego Movie (spoiler free)

WinnieTheWoot and I immensely enjoyed it and afterwards went to lunch and talked and talked and talked about it, which was pretty great. But the real highlight came at the theater as the final credits started to roll... » 4/02/14 5:56pm 4/02/14 5:56pm

Parental Discipline in the House of Hatrack

We were sitting at the dinner table and the cats were being especially pushy and obnoxious so I went and got the water bottle for Mrs. Hatrack who was the main target of their attentions. After dinner, WinnieTheWoot asked if I minded clearing the table for her. » 3/18/14 8:29pm 3/18/14 8:29pm

Drift Compatibility: Bring on the Kaiju

I've said it before but WinnieTheWoot and I proved our ability to pilot a Jaeger again the other night. We had just come home from Dairy Queen. I had hung up my coat and my back was to the room as I took off my shoes. WtW came in behind me and slung her coat across my shoulders. » 2/28/14 2:13pm 2/28/14 2:13pm

If I wake up tomorrow with an arrow wound, you'll know who to blame

WinnieTheWoot's sitting on the other end of the couch wearing her dark green hoodie. She just looked at me and growled "You have failed this city." » 12/26/13 8:46pm 12/26/13 8:46pm

It's a Hatrack Miracle!

We're clearing the table after dinner and I have my back turned, packing up the leftover gravy. While I'm not watching WinnieTheWoot pours the remains of Mrs. Hatrack's wine into my glass: » 12/05/13 7:49pm 12/05/13 7:49pm

WinnieTheWoot has found a name for her band*

While waiting for the elevator this morning we saw a sign that described what to expect from the fire alarm. And now she knows what she wants to call her band: » 10/28/13 6:05pm 10/28/13 6:05pm

A Conversation from the House Of Hatrack

I'm looking through the TV listings to find something to watch after Supernatural and facetiously suggest The World Series of Poker. At which point WinnieTheWoot reaches over and pokes me. » 10/22/13 10:14pm 10/22/13 10:14pm

Scandalizing Teenagers for Fun and Profit (now without profit)

Running through the channel guide to find something to watch on TV and reading possibly interesting titles I come across a show titled "Forever Big." » 10/04/13 7:58pm 10/04/13 7:58pm