Amazing Supercut of the Twin Towers and Times Square In '70s and '80s…

Curated by Jonathan Herzberg, run before the DEUCE Film Series showing of King Kong (1976) at Williamsberg's Nitehawk Cinema. Quite a few famous genre films here, plus a number of obscurities. (And a whole ton of familiar faces.) How many can you spot? Details here. » 9/17/14 1:07am 9/17/14 1:07am


We're under massive flood warnings in NYC and Westchester at the moment, so major thanks to my friend, Ceez for getting these pictures at my request. » 5/24/13 7:23pm 5/24/13 7:23pm

Having Friday Fun Times Last Tuesday: The Game of Thrones Exhibition in…

Say what you will about New York City - that people in Midtown are a rude bunch or that our pigeons are fat - but there's one thing that cannot be said and that's that NYC is dull. » 5/17/13 8:39am 5/17/13 8:39am

What's nerdy in NYC?

So the boy and I are going to NYC for this (Canadian long) weekend. The plan is very loose, but we will be hitting up the usual museums and whatnot. My love for the Natural History Museum cannot be contained, so that gets a whole day. » 5/16/13 8:16pm 5/16/13 8:16pm