Two Neil Gaiman novels to be adapted for US & UK television

According to Neil Gaiman's blog, Freemantle Entertainment, who for better or worse have brought us the recent remake of The Tomorrow People, have finalized a deal to adapt his award-winning novel American Gods (and presumably the sequel he's writing) into an American TV series. While it's still early days yet, Neil… » 2/06/14 9:48pm 2/06/14 9:48pm

Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman Is Finally Putting Out a Video Game

It’s been one of those questions that every game enthusiast has asked himself after reading American Gods, Neverwhere or the beloved Sandman comics: when the hell is Neil Gaiman going to be involved in a video game? Well, faithful ones, that day is coming soon. As in this fall. » 7/25/13 1:00pm 7/25/13 1:00pm

Michael Sheen will read The Ocean at the End of the Lane for Radio 4

The actor - who's not unfamiliar with Gaiman, having played House in The Doctor's Wife - will read the novel as part of BBC Radio 4's Book at Bedtime strand. The 5 instalments will air next month, and have no fear, Non-Anglo Gaimanites: it will be available to listen to worldwide via Radio 4's website. » 6/22/13 11:13am 6/22/13 11:13am