Late Night Frequencies: Wichita Lineman Edition

I've never been a fan of the Wichita Lineman tune popularized by Glen Campbell. It's always been associated with Muzak, elevators, and being dragged against my will on trips to Sears as a child and seeking shelter in large clothing racks. But it's interesting that it's so much more entertaining and enjoyable in more… » 10/18/14 2:28am 10/18/14 2:28am

Mixtape Contest Week 17: Beautiful Euphora

It's already October, and we're on our 17th theme of the Mixtape Contest. We've had an entire spectrum of themes, one time specifically, and things are going well. Not so much in the rest of the world. There it's a complete mess, but that's what makes having a distraction like this blissful. And speaking of bliss… » 10/02/14 1:14pm 10/02/14 1:14pm

Mixtape Contest Week 12: Cover Songs

We're now up to our 12th contest, and things continue to go fantastically. Week 11's contest was probably the most popular yet. Everyone loves the 80s. This time around though we're going a bit different. This time you're going to have to dig deep and come up with a 60 minute playlist of cover versions to your… » 7/17/14 12:45pm 7/17/14 12:45pm