Gawker is now pretty much Yahoo News

If there is one story recently that really shows what a garbage dump Kinja has made of Gawker it is this one. A story concerning extreme tensions between Israel and Palestine was always going to bring out fiery, contentious comments, but it was never like this before. Nick Denton's tree is on fire and standing in a… » 7/06/14 1:40pm 7/06/14 1:40pm

The dream of Kinja is finally coming true.

Denton's pruned tree of elevated discourse is really bearing fruit now: as symbolic of everything hilariously moronic about online conversations. We are quickly devolving to YouTube level comments. Truly a glorious acomplishment. Plus you wouldn't believe how much money I made this month working from home on my… » 5/31/14 5:57pm 5/31/14 5:57pm

The spam is just out of control again

For Christ's sake, Denton. How many times do we have to go through this shit? If you indiscriminately open the doors to a popular site, it will be awash with trolls and scam artists. This isn't rocket science but the whole making the same mistake over and over again seems like it could be some form of insanity. » 5/18/14 5:02pm 5/18/14 5:02pm

A Kinja Directory blog for all new Subblogs [UPDATE 1]

[UPDATE 1]: The directory has been updated with the most current roster of sub-blogs. I wanted to wait a week to see if there were anymore that popped up. I will of course be updating this as new blogs crop up. Also all the posts to ask for posting priveleges can be found on the mainpage of » 5/01/14 10:02pm 5/01/14 10:02pm

Kinja Group Blog Directory

Since I've already seen a lot of people asking for one and there isn't (as far as I know) one already in existence, I thought I'd start a list of all the Kinja blogs. You can see it here. I'm obviously still adding to it, so if you know of one that isn't on there yet, let me know in the comments. Once blog creation… » 4/24/14 5:00pm 4/24/14 5:00pm