Cool drawings show the anatomy of Godzilla and all his friends and foes

This diagram showing a medical cross-section of Godzilla was created in 1967 by Shogo Endo for a book called An Anatomical Guide to Monsters. Apart from Godzilla it contains a variety of anatomical drawings of many other kaijus, including Mothra, Gamera and Agurius. » 5/23/14 7:06pm 5/23/14 7:06pm

Len Peralta's Geek A Week trading card series/podcast is back

The format goes like this: in each podcast illustrator Len Peralta interviews a prominent geek, asks them how they want to appear on their trading card, and creates the card before the next week's interview. 52 cards, 52 weeks. To create a second season (year?) Len's turning to Kickstarter, so check out the video… » 1/10/14 7:20am 1/10/14 7:20am