Star-Lord in Speed Painting Form!  2014 Finale!

Let's send out 2014 to the edge of outer space! 2014 like my last few years have kept me busy with creating artwork and testing out my abilities and getting practice in between. With Christmas next week and the New Years next, it's time to push out the last SeeBonnyDraw art and episode of the year!

Watch Chris… » 12/18/14 9:55pm 12/18/14 9:55pm

Cool drawings show the anatomy of Godzilla and all his friends and foes

This diagram showing a medical cross-section of Godzilla was created in 1967 by Shogo Endo for a book called An Anatomical Guide to Monsters. Apart from Godzilla it contains a variety of anatomical drawings of many other kaijus, including Mothra, Gamera and Agurius. » 5/23/14 7:06pm 5/23/14 7:06pm

Len Peralta's Geek A Week trading card series/podcast is back

The format goes like this: in each podcast illustrator Len Peralta interviews a prominent geek, asks them how they want to appear on their trading card, and creates the card before the next week's interview. 52 cards, 52 weeks. To create a second season (year?) Len's turning to Kickstarter, so check out the video… » 1/10/14 7:20am 1/10/14 7:20am