PSA: Garbage is releasing 2 new tracks on RSD 2014 April 19th

The titles are "Girls Talk (So Much Shit)" featuring a duet between Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle (Former front woman of the the Distillers and Spinnerette) who is also releasing a solo record soon of which the singles so far have been great. The second track is called "Time Will Destroy Everything" from their last… » 4/19/14 12:30am 4/19/14 12:30am

Who Wants to Ride a Time Machine?

Okay, so it's not actually a time machine. I heard this song for the first time in (I swear) 15 years today, and I was right back to the time of greasy hair, platform flip-flops, and cargo skirts. It's so amazing to me how a song can do that. » 4/05/13 9:47pm 4/05/13 9:47pm