Jinxe's Podcast Picks: Catwoman and spiders, oh my!

We Hate Movies is doing their Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza and Catwoman is on their list. At an hour and thirteen minutes long, you might be hesitant to take a listen to it, but the podcast is pretty funny and makes some good points. » 6/25/14 3:23pm 6/25/14 3:23pm

That was the worst scene in movie history

A co-worker just shared with me the "Catwoman basketball scene" from the Razzie-award-winning Halle Berry movie. I am literally ill from it. ("Motion" sickness?) My head hurts, my stomach has turned, and for several minutes I was having trouble focusing on anything in my surroundings. (That's clearing up but I… » 12/31/13 6:21pm 12/31/13 6:21pm

Marketing Aubrey Plaza

In the August GQ, actress Aubrey Plaza of television's Parks & Recreation tells Mark Byrne that she sets out to do something interesting, not what everyone expects on talk shows and in public appearances and says her dream role would be Catwoman. » 7/28/13 6:48pm 7/28/13 6:48pm

Funniest Nostalgia Critic Review since he came back!

So the Nostalgia Critic has just released his review of Catwoman, and it's seriously hilarious. I liked it even more than his Son of the Mask review, which was also brillant. » 4/04/13 12:59am 4/04/13 12:59am