Just a Reminder for U.S.ians - Vote Today!

Today is Election Day, so if you are able to vote in the U.S. and you haven't already, please go here to see where your polling place is, and vote if you can! State legislatures are where most bills that directly affect you are passed, and they are many times more productive (defined by the number of bills that are… » 11/04/14 11:03am 11/04/14 11:03am

Canada Lynx Cub Celebrates Autumn by Nomming Pumpkins

Jasper, a three-month-old Canada Lynx cub at Point Defiance Zoo helped the zoo promote their Halloween event "Zoo Boo" by graciously allowing a photographer to take pictures of him putting these pumpkins through their paces. You might recognize Jasper from his baby pictures, which I posted back in July. » 10/14/14 12:23pm 10/14/14 12:23pm

The Second Viewing of Guardians Seemed Different Somehow

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for a second time on Tuesday. Something about it was just a little different from the first time viewing. I will admit I had indulged in a few beers before hitting the movie, but I'm not sure that was it. I don't remember the movie having quite so many cats in it. » 9/10/14 11:50pm 9/10/14 11:50pm


Stuck in the airport edition. Did you guys know that 2:30 PM is not the same as 12:30 PM? Which means that if you think your flight is at 12:30 PM, you end up at the airport way earlier than expected and therefore have plenty of time to kill? I guess I should be glad I didn't mix these times up the wrong way around. » 8/29/14 11:03am 8/29/14 11:03am