Almost finished reading Hyperion, some thoughts...

  • I really wished I knew anything about Keats or poetry. I'm enjoying the book, but I know I'm missing, I don't know, half the damn story.
  • Of all the things that stretch suspension of disbelief such as farcaster portals, human AI hybrids and reverse time fields, the one last straw for me turns out to be the poet…
» 3/28/14 4:04pm 3/28/14 4:04pm

A Beginner's Guide to YA Dystopian Novels

Everyone has their areas of expertise. Some people are great at coding. Some people can sew awesome clothes. Some people juggle geese. Me? I've read a shit-ton of young adult dystopian novels. And since I'm a giver, I thought I'd share some of my knowledge with you. » 3/27/14 6:19pm 3/27/14 6:19pm

This guide to Westeros might just be the most badass Pop-up book ever

Game of Thrones' opening sequence pans over a wooden replica of the lands of Westeros and Essos, key landmarks rising out of the panels in a flurry of cogs and prettiness. Although it's not quite the same, this amazing looking picture book recreates a similar level of awesomeness in pop-up form! » 3/16/14 1:35pm 3/16/14 1:35pm

A guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Whenever a film adaptation comes out, the same klaxons blare: the movie ruined the book! That's a load of fetid dingo's kidneys. Case in point, Douglas Adams wrote the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for just about every available media - radio, books, stage, TV, video games and film. » 3/08/14 12:03am 3/08/14 12:03am