Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

Anyone here remember how I said I might be incoherent on Friday? Because stuff and things and stress and OMG-what-is-this-sleep-of-which-you-speak? Totally happened. I'm overcaffeinated and a wee bit of a mess. So here's what's up for today:

It's time for the Friday Physics Membership Drive

Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

Support your local* physics expert** by donating to the Friday Physics membership drive and keep all the craziness coming. Comic book physics! Graphs on catching up to your own piss while falling off a cliff! The boundaries of the universe! Snarking on string theory!

* Not local for everyone. Your mileage may vary.

** Not always an expert, but a Google master and a geek with a PhD.

We accept the following, for your convenience:

  • Science gifs
  • Lolcats (bonus if science-related)
  • Compliments
  • Flowers
  • Quarters for the pop machine

Your membership gift!

Choose from the following great gifts for donating to Friday Physics:

Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

The official "I support Friday Physics" sticker.

Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

An adorable Physics Doge!

Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

One Cat in a Box (may be alive or dead, Friday Physics is not responsible)

Friday Physics #5 - Membership Drive!

And, for a limited time: a Feynman diagram in the shape of a penguin.

Become a member of Friday Physics today!

Programming Reminder

Next week, your usual physicist will be away on business, but tune in anyway because we'll have neisseria in the studio to answer your burning biology questions.