Check Out This Awesome 'Once Upon A Time' Relationship Chart

We all know that some of the characters on the comment boards in these parts are pretty fabulous. (I AM NOT BIASED), but this commenter really knocked it out of the park. I have been obsessing over this Relationship Chart made by LizTaylorsEarrings since I saw it last week.

Fair warning though; this will have you scrambling back to your Netflix/DVR/Hulu queue, to refresh your memory about all these relationships and just how they came to be.

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I Made a Thing Again

I swear, I don't have a problem. REALLY.

But I started thinking about the ouroboros that are the relationships of Once Upon a Time. So, naturally, I made a chart. Charts and graphs make everything better. So soothing. So very, very soothing.

Those who watch... did I miss anything?

I Made a Thing Again

I also got into a weird essay on fertility in the Enchanted Forest on my Tumblr.