FOR SCIENCE: Please help me with my Kinja Testing [Updated]

Not that I'm smart about this at all, I just want to see if I can figure this shit out. People please post stuff so I can watch the "Highlights" and "Hosts" shift around. I will refrain from posting myself for a little while.


Notes and results! (Literally from my text file I just randomly typed stuff into)

1:12 PM Wenchette is the host, and the only one in the highlights. x84jdh only shows up in "All Replies"
1:14 PM: Ghost in the Machine shows up in All Replies, but Wenchette is still alone in the highlights
1:15 PM: Ghost becomes the host, Wenchette disappears from the highlights? Really? Liz jumps in and calls me a monster. This is still not a highlight. Neisseria's brain is turning to mush. I SEE A PUPPY!
1:17 PM Wenchette is back as the host, and alone in the highlights. Ghost and the Dax picture have receded to "All Replies", I guess. Wenchette has two replies in the thread. Is that it? Drillpress notes that Wenchette seems to be on top for him as well.
1:18 PM Ghost is back on top. I cannot figure this out.
1:19 PM Now Wenchette. Sparrowgrass gives me kittens.
1:20 PM Still Wenchette.
1:22 PM Radiosilence doesn't understand "group chats". Neither does anyone else. Walking back to my office with my laptop open so as not to disturb the experiment.
1:23 PM Bang sends me a hilariously awful comic.
1:25 PM Still Wenchette
1:26 PM Now Ghost. The upper right corner says "Ghost in the Machine's Group Chat" It has replies, so there is a "conversation"
1:27 PM HA! Now Wenchette is the Host, but Ghost is also in the Highlights. We have progress! It is now "Wenchette's Group Chat"
1:30 PM I shall star a post to see what happens. I choose Liz.
1:31 PM Starring Liz's post bumped it up to the highlights and kicked everyone out. Now it is MY GROUPCHAT, losers!
1:35 Liz is still on top. A few minutes more and I shall post myself to see what happens.
1:40 It's now been half an hour so I post. I am now the host. And I am in the highlights. But so is Liz, as I've made her part of my group chat. I will go randomly star someone else now.
1:45 I star the puppy. It gets kicked up to the group chat.
1:46 Replying to the cat on the treadmill. This kicks Balmut up into my group chat as well. So anything I do gets privileged, as the author. Before that it seems like a crapshoot.
TL;DR: I win. :P