Church of Superheroes - Teaching moral lessons through superhero stories

This is not a joke. The founder was on (LA based) KROQ station's The Kevin and Bean Show to talk about his new church (in Oregon, official church status still pending) that will use the stories of superheroes, instead of passages from the Bible, to teach morals and life lessons. » 9/30/14 2:15pm Today 2:15pm

Person of Interest: Post-9/11, Post-Cyberpunk

So I finished watching the first season of Person of Interest today. I binge-watched the entire season, watching three to five episodes a day and it was well worth it. At first, it was just a case of the week show, but as soon as it started delving into the history of the Machine and Finch and Reese, it became… » 9/30/14 8:00am Today 8:00am

AKB0048 is a Lot Better Than You'll Give It Credit For

After finishing my reviews for Aquarion, I decided the time had come to try out the only Shoji Kawamori show I'd never watched: AKB0048. It's a science fiction action mecha idol show by Satelight. Yes, you read those genres right. Let's go on a science-fiction adventure into AKB0048. » 9/30/14 8:00am Today 8:00am

The Dangers of Franchise Longevity

I was thinking of two long-running media franchises today. First, because last night was the 26th season premiere, The Simpsons. Second, because I was listening to the very awesome Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast this afternoon, the X-Men comics (and all their attendant media incarnations). While they are… » 9/30/14 12:21am Today 12:21am