What's The Political Situation Like in The Force Awakens?

Star Wars Celebration has revealed the names of two of the major factions in The Force Awakens: the Resistance, who seem to represent the next generation of the Rebel Alliance from the original trilogy, and the First Order, who appear to be the (non-Timothy Zahn) heir to the Empire. But are these the only political… » 4/18/15 1:14am 3 minutes ago

Star Wars Battlefront: my schwartz just ignited.

Did you ever want to be part of a Star Wars battle? Did you ever want to miss everything you shoot at? To drive your ATST around in circles firing wildly into the air? To wait patiently with 20 other players for the Falcon to spawn, teamkill your entire side before jumping into the pilot seat and then 10secs later… » 4/17/15 3:51pm Yesterday 3:51pm

Spiral Zone was a cartoon ahead of its time

The 1980’s. A time where cartoon series were part of every kid’s life and so many tied into toy lines. We all know the biggies: G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man, She-Ra and so many more. Most of them were light stuff, fun but nothing really deep. But there was one exception. A cartoon far more dark, dramatic and… » 4/17/15 2:55pm Yesterday 2:55pm