John Oliver Tries to Make SCOTUS More Interesting

On his most recent show, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver attempted to combat the apathy that the American people tend to have toward the Supreme Court by providing free raw footage to all news agencies with which to re-enact the court discussions which can be audio-recorded, but not video-recorded. Oliver draws on… » 10/20/14 1:42pm Today 1:42pm

The World Changed On This Day

October 20th is one of the most historically significant dates in US history. On October 20th, 1803 the US Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase, which effectively doubled the size of the United States overnight. Without the ratification by the Senate the purchase would have been nullified, and the role of the US… » 10/20/14 11:34am Today 11:34am

Friendly Notice: A series of things to know about Lollipop

So I was thinking of saving all this for Wednesday's Android Update post, but we're just so close to having new Nexus devices in our hands that things are starting to leak and rather than have people see the info on their own and potentially brick a device or what have you I felt it was smarter to just give people… » 10/20/14 11:12am Today 11:12am