The Last Story: Whatever Became of the Man of Tomorrow?

So reading about how Crisis on Infinite Earths held up after thirty years got me to thinking about Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? The original Crisis was the end of the entire DC universe, but Whatever Happened... was specifically made to be the end of Superman and the Superman Family. » 4/26/15 11:29pm Yesterday 11:29pm

30 Years Later, Crisis on Infinite Earths Still Holds Up Brilliantly

For 30 years, we’ve looked at Crisis on Infinite Earths in many ways. We’ve examined the effects of it as much as the causes, how it caused as many problems as it solved. That it gave some good stuff (like the Superman revamp) but a lot of rough effects as well. But in all that talk, it’s easy to overlook the story… » 4/26/15 4:57pm Yesterday 4:57pm

CM Punk to Co-Write Drax Comic Book

Per Comic Book Resources coverage of C2E2, Drax isn’t just going to be played by a former wrestler, he’s going to be written by one, too. CM Punk, who has previously written a story for Thor Annual #1, is going to co-write a new Drax series. The other co-writer and artist have not yet been announced.
» 4/26/15 1:42pm Yesterday 1:42pm

10 Making-Of Documentaries That Are Better Than The Actual Movie

For decades, the “making-of” doc has been part of Hollywood. The majority of them have been fluff pieces, more promotion for a film. But the advent of DVD and Blu-Ray has boosted that with pieces that go in depth to a film, warts and all. That’s led to the interesting bit of some of these are actually far more… » 4/25/15 8:20pm Saturday 8:20pm