Lettin' bygones be bygones and so on and so on

As I promised, I have come on time this Monday with the Thursday Tales crosspost. There are just a couple stories this week but they are pretty good. I watched "The Strain" last night with icallshogun and my niece, and I'm pretty that if Eph doesn't stop having so many stupids, my head is going to laterally explore… » 7/28/14 7:47am 56 minutes ago

If there is one thing I am certain of...

...it is that the 2015 Wasteland Weekend is going to be epic. For those of you who do not know, Wasteland Weekend is Mad Max inspired festival that takes place at the end of September every year in the Southern California desert. I like to think of it as Burning Man's nasty little cousin or what Comic Con would look… » 7/27/14 7:47pm Yesterday 7:47pm