Film Crew Engulfed by 'Poonado' of Whale Shit Astonishingly Unfazed

I think the only thing more amazing and stupefying than the fact that this happened is the fact that it happens so rarely. I was also impressed that the article actually managed to shoehorn some facts about whales in between all the fecal references. » 1/24/15 2:53am Yesterday 2:53am

Highlights of James Gunn Q&A on Facebook Last Night

So last night at about 7PST James Gunn hosted on FaceBook a Q&A that was supposed to accompany him and fans simultaneously watching the movie together. It was pretty fun and both the questions and answers got pretty interesting. Of course, he wouldn't divulge who Star Lord's father is, other than it's not J'Son (who… » 1/23/15 5:19pm Friday 5:19pm