I just want to say that I mostly like Hulu, but...

Today I was looking around at the documentaries, and I saw this picture. So I'm thinking that there's a film about Amish kids going out and seeing regular stuff, cause they do that sometimes, to see if they want to stay Amish or if they want to do something else when they grow up. So, I look at the description, and… » 10/01/14 4:03pm Today 4:03pm

Horrors, Chapter Two- "The Charcoal Kid"

Ashara's skin flickered with orange light from the burning forest as she knelt down beside the glowing boy. She slowly reached out, but snapped her hand back as the boy suddenly let out a scream of pain. His skin, though smooth, was blackened and cracked; between the cracks reddish light leaked through. It was as… » 10/01/14 3:49pm Today 3:49pm

Thor #1 Lays the Hammer Down (Spoilers)

Jason Aaron has been doing remarkable things with Thor: God of Thunder for just over two years. It was a great title, which did intriguing work on Thor's history, present, and future. The three were woven into one story, and it was a compelling one at that. But that chapter has closed. Following the events of Original… » 10/01/14 1:41pm Today 1:41pm

Superheroes Make Shitty Husbands

News that Walmart is peddling a "Training to be Batman's Wife" T-shirt to juniors has raised ire for its retrograde bullshittery. Lost in the ruckus is the fact that it's not just offensive for its sexism — it's offensive because Batman is the type of douche that no woman would realistically go for. Surely there's a… » 10/01/14 12:44pm Today 12:44pm