Please Don't Reboot 'The Last Starfighter', Give Us 'The NEXT…

If our fellows at io9 are to be believed, there's plenty of interest in rebooting The Last Starfighter, a classic scifi picture by all rights. Even the mighty Steven Spielberg can't convince Jonathan R. Betuel (writer and apparent rights-holder) to let him at it. Here's why it'd be a far, far better idea to make a … » 11/24/14 7:34pm 52 minutes ago

If you're not playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, you should be

So I decided to surface before my surgery tomorrow and do my due diligence—Dragon Age: Inquisition is, hands-down, the most amazing game I've ever played. Now, full disclosure—I don't play a lot of different video games, or franchises (like, for instance, I've never played Elder Scrolls or Metal Gear Solid, say). The… » 11/24/14 4:26pm Today 4:26pm

Have yourself a Mirrored little Christmas...

An article over at Radiotimes has just revealed the first images and plot details from this years Black Mirror Christmas special. Interestingly it seems like the series is retaining its three part structure even with the one episode limit by making this seasonal offering into an example of that great horror tradition,… » 11/24/14 3:17pm Today 3:17pm

BBC's Infinite Monkey cage to come to USA

BBC Radio 4's science/comedy show The Infinite Monkey Cage with physicist Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince will be making four live recordings in America next year. If you're in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco in March and you want to hear clever people being smart and funny, book your… » 11/24/14 1:54pm Today 1:54pm