Lanyards: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Only Light in the Darkness"

Agents of SHIELD is on a dramatic roll, now that they aren't actually agents of SHIELD. This episode gives us a true superpowered villain and reveals that Skye really is a Mary Sue! » 4/23/14 1:26am Today 1:26am

Courtney Love has a new song: "You Know My Name"

As a child of the 90s I have very fond memories of the grunge and alternative rock music that was popular at that time. And it has been incredibly interesting to see how some of those bands have transitioned into the making new sounds in the new century. Hole in particular I always liked for what they were a women lead … » 4/23/14 12:11am Today 12:11am

My Mom Got That Kitten I Posted About Forever Ago

Way back in January, I posted about my mom getting a new kitten, and asked you guys for name suggestions. She finally was able to take him home in late February, and I haven't posted about it until now because I didn't have any good pictures of him. Last weekend, I finally got some great pictures of him by way of… » 4/22/14 8:29pm Yesterday 8:29pm

Welcome to Room for Seconds, a new food and cooking blog!

Room for Seconds is a group blog where the food lovers of the Kinjaverse can come together to share recipes, ask for advice, write restaurant reviews, and more. This is a space for everyone from professional chefs to the person who just now figured out how to get their stove to work. All are welcome, as long as you… » 4/22/14 7:01pm Yesterday 7:01pm

That Time Cleveland Released 1.5 Million Balloons and Chaos Ensued

Balloons! They're fun, delightfully whimsical environmental disasters. And in 1986, a mass balloon release in Cleveland went really, really wrong, when 1.5 million helium-filled floaters were let loose into the sky, got caught in a storm, drifted down to earth, and caused a hell of a lot of problems. » 4/22/14 6:33pm Yesterday 6:33pm