Why Is Every Super-heroine Matched In Animation?

Something I've noticed watching through Justice League and Justice League Unlimited is that nearly every main super-heroine and super-villain is matched up. The only exceptions to this is Stargirl (who was underage) and minor characters like Dr Light, Ice, Gypsy and Crimson Fox aka, the ones that never get any lines… » 3/28/15 7:20pm Yesterday 7:20pm

​What Not to Look Forward to on April fool's Day

As of this writing, there are 4 days until April Fool's Day and you know what, I really dislike the holiday. I've disliked it ever since I was a kid and I hate it now as an adult. This probably has to do with most of the people I knew growing up weren't funny and their attempts at jokes were pure awful. » 3/28/15 3:15pm Yesterday 3:15pm