Daredevil #6 Takes A Darker Turn (Spoilers)

After a considerable run with Chris Samnee (since 2012), Mark Waid's now sharing Daredevil duties with Javier Rodriguez, formerly the team's colorist. Whether this is permanent or a brief changing of the guard is beyond me. Regardless, the narrative shift is a serious one, that at least nods at Frank Miller… » 7/24/14 12:25am Today 12:25am

Storm #1 Makes An Amazing Debut

It can take a while for new comics to find their footing, sometimes. They feel the need to set the stage for later, bigger movements. Others retread backstory to help reintroduce a character that's been gone a while. Then there's Storm #1, which just hits the ground running, and it is outstanding. (Spoilers below.) » 7/23/14 6:23pm Yesterday 6:23pm