Revisiting The Outer Limits

Thanks to a comment I made to a recent article, I dug out my DVD collection of the original The Outer Limits black & white series. I had bought this DVD set last Christmas, but hadn't even torn the wrapping off of it until now. I've watched several of my favorite episodes in the past few days. This may just be… » 10/25/14 6:51pm Today 6:51pm

ABC is canceling "Manhattan Love Story," Good for Agents of SHIELD?

Variety just reported that ABC is canceling "Manhattan Love Story," one of its new sitcoms. This particular new sitcom occupies the Tuesday at 8:30 time slot, which means it was the lead-in program for Agents of SHIELD. It's a basic principle of television programming that a popular lead-in will increase the… » 10/25/14 3:33pm Today 3:33pm

The Cobalt Knight, Chapter Five - "Truth"

For a long time, no one spoke. Will sat on the floor, cross-legged, looking at his parents. They were sitting on the couch; Will's mother was looking up at the ceiling as though she was trying to find the right thing to say, while Will's father was staring at his clasped hands. The only sound was the humming of Will's… » 10/25/14 2:34pm Today 2:34pm

7 More Ways Marvel Studios May Reward Comic Fans' Loyalty

My article, 7 Ways Marvel Studios Rewarded Comicbook Fans' Loyalty, has been my most-viewed post by a considerable margin (which reminds me, thanks to Robbie Gonzalez for sharing it to the main page). Therefore, I feel compelled to employ the cheap Hollywood tactic of following up an unexpected success with a… » 10/25/14 10:50am Today 10:50am