Sadface! Narcolepsy paper retracted.

The very first post I made on the Odeck was on this cool story about how narcolepsy may actually be caused by the immune system. This hypothesis came about after researchers saw a spike in narcolepsy in Scandinavia and China after injection with an H1N1 vaccine, or infection with H1N1, respectively. » 7/31/14 3:12pm A minute ago

MIT Technology Review's TWELVE TOMORROWS is packed with scifi goodness

The editors of MIT Technology Review tasked author Bruce Sterling with selecting the futuristic tales for this edition of the publication's annual, science-fiction anthology issue. Called Twelve Tomorrows, this year's anthology features stories (I am assuming new stories) by some of the best names in the business:… » 7/31/14 9:18am Today 9:18am