These parasite bugs can control their hosts' brains from inside

The November's issue of National Geographic has a fascinating article titled Mindsuckers, the tale of tiny beasts that get into their victims bodies to eat them from inside and control their bodies, turning them into remote controlled zombies. And there are more horror ahead, masterfully photographed by Anand Varma. » 11/26/14 10:17pm Yesterday 10:17pm

My Tablet Gaming Superlist for the Holidays

Except for some word games, I've never cared much for gaming on my phone, and I had no plans to do much different with a tablet, but ever since I actually got one, I've been using the hell out of it for gaming. It's been about 5 weeks now since I took delivery of my first tablet, the 8.4" Samsung Tab S, and I thought… » 11/26/14 6:52pm Yesterday 6:52pm