Episode VII and the Perils of Nostalgia

So, as you may have heard, there are some new movies coming out, about wars that take place among certain stars. And they are direct sequels to a trilogy that came out some time ago, dealing with some of the same characters and situations (including said intra-celestial police actions). In fact, most of them, pretty… » 4/19/14 9:52pm Yesterday 9:52pm

Road to Arcologies (Road to Hope VII)

The elimination of roads in favor of elevated rails and underground transit tubes will necessitate the complete redesign of cities. Fortunately, since most cities will have been either destroyed during the war or abandoned due to climate change, this will be a far easier task since new cities will have to be built… » 4/19/14 7:57pm Yesterday 7:57pm

On The Erasure of People of Colour From Dystopian Fiction

I've been thinking a lot about the comments made by Noah co-screenwriter Ari Handel that have been circulating recently. Asked about the extreme whiteness of the cast, Handel said that the "the race of the individual doesn't matter." Presumably this was meant to be a defense: » 4/19/14 1:52pm Yesterday 1:52pm