CM Punk to Co-Write Drax Comic Book

Per Comic Book Resources coverage of C2E2, Drax isn’t just going to be played by a former wrestler, he’s going to be written by one, too. CM Punk, who has previously written a story for Thor Annual #1, is going to co-write a new Drax series. The other co-writer and artist have not yet been announced.
» 4/26/15 1:42pm Today 1:42pm

10 Making-Of Documentaries That Are Better Than The Actual Movie

For decades, the “making-of” doc has been part of Hollywood. The majority of them have been fluff pieces, more promotion for a film. But the advent of DVD and Blu-Ray has boosted that with pieces that go in depth to a film, warts and all. That’s led to the interesting bit of some of these are actually far more… » 4/25/15 8:20pm Yesterday 8:20pm

Things Get Real (But In A Supernatural Way) On Grimm: Iron Hans [Update]

The last few minutes of this Friday’s Grimm really kicks things up a notch. But first, Nick has to solve a case involving a wesen camping experience, and there are plenty of confrontations and revelations going on so he needs to solve that case really quick. Spoilers after the break. » 4/25/15 5:48pm Yesterday 5:48pm

League of Assassins on Arrow

I’ve been marathoning Arrow’s first two seasons, along with watching the episodes from season 3, and I’ve been wondering how they’re going to solve the “heir to the Demon” thing . I want them to solve it, though I can’t lie that I’m enjoying the idea that Ollie will come back from this even more badass than he was. A… » 4/25/15 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm

Aid suggestion for the Nepalese earthquake

Shelterbox is a subset of the Rotary Club. A shelterbox includes a tent, a collapsible stove (which will burn pretty much anything as fuel), cooking utensils, emergency blankets and ground sheets, water purification kits, basic tools for rebuilding and other gear necessary for survival after a disaster. Includes a… » 4/25/15 2:04pm Yesterday 2:04pm

Fish and the Penguin: A Gotham Story

The epic season finale of Gotham is almost upon us. And we all know what that means. What looks to be the final Fish/Oswald confrontation is coming It’s finally happening. The end is nigh. For one of these characters, anyway, and, considering that the Penguin is, you know, the Penguin and is kind of an important… » 4/25/15 1:31pm Yesterday 1:31pm