Adam West and Burt Ward to star in new Batman Animated Movie

In the below (very short) video Adam West and Burt Ward announced that there will be a new animated Batman movie that they will be providing the voices to. Burt suggest there is the possibility of a second film as well but for now they are focusing on getting the first one out in time to celebrate the 50th… » 3/30/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Pop Quiz - Shuttle Landing Site Edition

I haven't done one of these in a while but this is a nice bit of trivia. Where is the one place other than Edwards Air Force Base and the Kennedy Space Center that the Space Shuttle has landed? (Hint - this is a photo of the landing.) » 3/30/15 11:34am Today 11:34am

Answer below.

Wolverine: Future Daze

As the internet has been reporting, Hugh Jackman has "announced" he will be playing Wolverine only one more time. It has been reported that this will be the third Wolverine solo film due in 2017, though X-Men Apocalypse has yet to be filmed so does this mean he isn't in that one or will he be playing Wolverine twice… » 3/30/15 11:28am Today 11:28am

The Last Man On Earth

Spoiler Warning for anyone who hasn't watched the show yet, it's on Hulu so if you can put up with the same annoying ads every five-ten minutes then I would suggest you go take a look. It's worth watching. You've watched it? Ok let's continue. » 3/30/15 11:03am Today 11:03am

Marvel's Star Wars Comics revisited

We're another month into things since Marvel took over the license for Star Wars comics and I'd like to revisit my previous reviews and update them now that each series has more than one issue. » 3/30/15 10:06am Today 10:06am

The Morning Open Thread: Mondays Edition

Good morning everyone. It's time for the morning open thread. Today's suggested topic is Mondays. I know this will seem strangely coincidental as it just happens to be a Monday as well, but try not to let it bother you. That's what Monday's are for. What you do love/hate about this glorious day of the week? Share… » 3/30/15 9:26am Today 9:26am

An Overly Convoluted Con Turns To Murder on Grimm: Double Date

On Friday's Grimm, an ill conceived con gets the attention of Nick, Hank and Wu when a mark turns up dead. Meanwhile, Juliette is still dealing with her reveal to Nick, and things are a changing for Adalind and the Royal Family in Portland. Spoilers after the break. » 3/30/15 2:04am Today 2:04am

Terminators invade Wrestlemania

It's not WrestleMania without some bad-shit insane entrances and this has to be the best: Just as Sting was ready to take on HHH, T-800's made their way around the arena as the former Governor himself (newly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame) showed up to declare it "Judgment Day" for the Stinger: » 3/29/15 9:56pm Yesterday 9:56pm

Under Siege vs Ultron Unlimited: Which is the Greatest Avengers Story?

So after the foulness of "The Crossing" yesterday, thinking of the actual great stuff Avengers has given us. And hitting upon how, when it comes to the greatest story in their history, there are two major candidates, each with their own amazing merits. » 3/29/15 9:05pm Yesterday 9:05pm

What Would You Do Without the Internet?

I happily stumbled upon a mystery web comic series by Brian K. Vaughn, The Private Eye, which centers around an Internet-free world approximately sixty years in our future. » 3/29/15 8:34pm Yesterday 8:34pm

Hints for the fate of the X-Men in a Post Secret Wars Marvel Universe

Marvel comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso recently dropped some hints as to the fate of the X-Men in a new post Secret Wars Universe at CBR. Minor Spoilers if you haven't been reading the lead up events to Secret Wars. » 3/29/15 6:52pm Yesterday 6:52pm

Dream Movie X-Men Team

Due to recent events, I think its time for all of us to go deep into our souls and think about the improbable. What would be your dream movie X-Men team if you were the one deciding? » 3/29/15 5:45pm Yesterday 5:45pm