Dadlopnik - Marvel Universe Live

I took the dude to see Marvel Universe Live today at Philips Arena in Atlanta. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a well put together stunt show. Lots of wire work and a good use of trials bikes. They also had a good mix of heroes and villains. If you have a younger superhero fan at home I think they would have a good… » 12/21/14 2:40pm Today 2:40pm

My Thoughts On Korra's Schrodinger Relationship Status

As you may or may not have figured out, I am a Korra and Asami shipper. Not because I am hot for two cartoon chicks to get it on (as some seem to think) but because I am a lesbian and I like to see representation showing up more and more places. Especially on my favorite shows. Watching the finale Thursday night… » 12/21/14 1:00pm Today 1:00pm

How viral was the "Ice bucket Challenge"?

Have you experienced extreme cold ? The sensation of cold water dumped over your shoulders ? Have you felt compelled to donate to ALS ? Sufferers report additional symptoms such as Likes, Upvotes and Diggs. If you've suffered these symptoms in the past year, you may have been exposed to the " Ice Bucket Challenge".… » 12/21/14 12:23pm Today 12:23pm

The secret engine technology that made the SR-71 the fastest plane ever

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers flew the first airplane ever at 6.8 mph (10.9 km/h). Only 61 years and five days later, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird took off. It's still the world's fastest airplane with a speed of 2,193 mph (3,530 km/h.) This fascinating video explains its top secret engine technology. » 12/21/14 4:24am Today 4:24am

5-year-old girl discussing Leia's slave outfit with her dad is pure gold

Adam Buxton recorded a conversation with his 5-year-old daughter discussing her thoughts on Princess Leia's famous slave outfit. She is hilarious by herself but when he got The Brothers McLeod to animate her words, it all turned into pure comedic gold. One of the cutest things I've watched this year. » 12/21/14 2:42am Today 2:42am

Read the entire 1976-2009 run of Starlog magazine for free online

The entire 33-year run of Starlog magazine, one of the great staples of geekdom during the 80's and early 90's, is now available for free on the Internet Archive Project. If you find yourself with some time to kill this weekend, and a hankering to catch up on the latest sci-fi gossip from 1978, peruse ads for vintage… » 12/21/14 2:17am Today 2:17am