The Friday Funny.... [maybe]

» 8/22/14 8:51pm Yesterday 8:51pm
My Favorite Animal.

Our teacher asked what my favorite animal was, and I said, "Fried chicken." She said I wasn't funny, but she couldn't have been right, because everyone else laughed.

My parents told me to always tell the truth. I did. Fried chicken is my favorite animal.I told my dad what happened, and he said my…

The Twelve Anime of Summer 2014 To Watch

Once again on the heels of Richard Eisenbeis, the community of Ani-TAY is back with another twelve anime this season that you should be watching with sixteen collaborators this time, up from our previous seven. We've got ten new anime and two sequels for you to watch. » 8/22/14 8:01pm Yesterday 8:01pm

Smeagol eats it so you don't have to: a TERRIBLE experiment.

New Years' Eve, 2008: Mrs. Smeagol and I didn't have any great plans for ringing in the new year, so we settled on heading down to the local Hollywood Video (never forget) for a couple of DVDs. On the way home, we swung by the nearby Burger King for a couple of burgers to go with our movies, since we didn't feel like… » 8/22/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm