Cult Radio A-Go-Go! is perfect for the Halloween season

There is no telling exactly what you will hear on this station. Maybe an obscure track from an old horror movie soundtrack. Maybe a Dr. Demento song parody. You will certainly run into vintage movie trailers and odd retro commercials. Perhaps you will tune in, as I am right now, and find something in the style of an… » 10/21/14 3:04am Today 3:04am

Daredevil #09 and the Persuasive Purple Progeny (Spoilers)

The plot took a turn for the worse in New Daredevil's most chilling installment to date… or rather, 'til now. To catch you up, the Purple Man rounded up five offspring by five different mothers, and 'activated' them, for lack of a better word. The pint-sized little prats have inherited Papa's powers… and worse.… » 10/21/14 12:48am Today 12:48am

Horrors, Chapter Five- "Welcome to Hell"

Ashara opened her eyes. Her head was pounding, her entire body ached. She slowly rose to her feet, and noticed that the camouflage she had worn during the Sane hunt had been washed away. All that was left on her was a sports bra and thermal shorts. Her pale skin was soaking wet, but heat from a nearby fire was quickly… » 10/21/14 12:12am Today 12:12am

Holy crap, this amazing Universe simulator makes me want to buy a new PC

It's been a long time since I craved a computer program, but now I want Space Engine so much that I'm ready to buy a PC just to be able to immerse myself in it. Developed by Vladimir Romanyuk, Space Engine is a complete sandbox simulation of the Universe with mind-blowing graphics. Check this out: » 10/20/14 9:21pm Yesterday 9:21pm