ThursdayTales Roll Call: a Day Late & A Captain Short edition

So Drillpress has, sadly, moved on to greener pastures, so I figured I'd put out this week's call for submissions. I realize that I might be stepping on a few toes here on the O-Deck by just taking on the rolecall myself, but I would like for this to be a thing that doesn't fall by the wayside while the powers that be… » 12/27/14 10:18am 29 minutes ago

Someone wants to build a futuristic version of Sauron's tower in Africa

The call it Al Noor Tower (Tower of Light) and, once built in Casablanca, Morocco, it will be the tallest building in Africa. The 1771-foot (540-meter) building is a project of Sheikh Tarek M. bin Laden, designed by French architects Valode et Pistre, who obviously have been watching too much Lord of the Rings. » 12/27/14 8:36am Today 8:36am

About That Missing Roman Numeral

It's been a little over a month since Disney officially unveiled Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to the world, and while there's been a ton of fan speculation and press coverage, there's one aspect of the publicity that's been curiously overlooked: the lack of a Roman numeral. » 12/26/14 9:08pm Yesterday 9:08pm

NPR Interviews Film Score Composers

This week, National Public Radio's afternoon program "All Things Considered" has airing a daily interview with a different film score composer. If, like me, you are into motion picture soundtracks and scores, it's a real holiday treat. All of the interviews, about eight minutes each, can be found on the program's web… » 12/26/14 7:11pm Yesterday 7:11pm

The Same Coin, Chapter Eleven - "The Inheritors"

Gisele and Jermaine led Michael, Azita, Takashi, and three Kristens around the side of the burning mall from the back. There were gunshots echoing in the night; police officers attempting to prevent the villain from causing any more death and destruction. Judging from the screams and explosions coming from the front… » 12/25/14 11:04pm Thursday 11:04pm

Fantasy in Parallel: Avatar and Mistborn

So I've had the Legend of Korra finale stuck in my head for the past few days and today, I was stuck by one thought: boy, the universe of Avatar is weirdly similar to the universe of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn. They act, I think, as parallels of each other in a way. » 12/25/14 10:33pm Thursday 10:33pm