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Which Superheroes (or Villians) Did You Genuinely Look Up To?

We've all heard that superheroes are suppose to be either the people we are to look up to, people we want to be, or people that are relatable to us. However, has there ever been a superhero (or supervillain) that you genuinely looked up to or related to? Not in a general sense but in a personal sense? » 8/21/14 2:33am Today 2:33am

PSA Re: Email Addresses

A lot of us have anonymous gmails for kinja related shenanigans. I just wanted to make sure that you are all aware that if your account is linked to your personal email in some way (via forwarding, send as, etc), it may show up as a "connected profile" on gmail contacts when you email other users - effectively… » 8/20/14 8:08pm Yesterday 8:08pm

Von's Verbosity: Working for the "exposure"

It looks like Showtime should have had a different pitch for their latest contest. Instead of promising graphic designers exposure at an upcoming boxing event, they should have labeled it a free vacation package. That might have gone over a bit better. Or the designers who are boxing fans would be more inclined to… » 8/20/14 3:24pm Yesterday 3:24pm

Yale Stewart's Nightwing has hit 4chan

And Bleeding Cool has the story. If you've been hanging out in certain corners of comics Twitter, word of the JL8 cartoonist sending unsolicited graphic photos to women has been an open secret for a while. Now, in the wake of Stewart's public spat with Ulises Farinas and his decision to step away from JL8, those… » 8/20/14 2:49pm Yesterday 2:49pm

Thanks, Face Off! You just gave Syfy at least one movie idea

On Syfy, last night's Face Off spotlight challenge was to take two animals and mash them up to create a new hybrid. Since two contestants both chose armadillo and alligator, I'm waiting for the announcement of Allidillo vs Armagator. Spoilers (the winning and losing designs) ahead. » 8/20/14 2:41pm Yesterday 2:41pm