Xam'd: Lost Memories is One of Bones' Best Shows

Today I get the surprise joy of mentioning Xam'd: Lost Memories. It's a character-heavy adventure by Bones in the same vein as its spiritual predecessor Eureka Seven. It ended up being one of my favorite shows by Bones, fixing many of my issues with their other mecha outings. » 10/02/14 11:45am 47 minutes ago

I am not a professional public relations person.

But I would assume, if you are trying to appeal to groups of people who aren't very fond of you, who often feel they are marginalized by your policies, and don't trust that you care anything about their needs, you may want to find representatives for them in your ad campaigns who are not just random people in stock… » 10/02/14 1:47am Today 1:47am

Leia is looking good as a senior citizen!

I think Carrie Fisher looks wonderful here and seeing her help this homeless man by giving him a free meal proves she has got quite a generous heart. Honestly though, I was real skeptical about these folks resuming their characters after such a long time away but seeing Mark Hamil with his Jedi beard and Carrie with… » 10/02/14 12:25am Today 12:25am

Kingdom of the Malanites, Chapter Two- "The Samurai Chicken"

The command center was very quiet. Every person in the Galactic Demarchy had heard of the Malanites; how the Greenpeace Alliance, against the wishes of the Demarchy Assembly, had used genetic engineering and Vance Fluid to artificially evolve several animal species. The Malanites, learning of their shared past with… » 10/01/14 8:00pm Yesterday 8:00pm