Can Steven Moffat Write Women Who AREN'T Obsessed?

So, we've seen the season premiere of Doctor Who, and the stinger revealed our mysteries for the season: Just what is the Promised Land, and who is this Missy? It finally brought into focus a question that's been nagging at me for a while: Can Steven Moffat write a female character who ISN'T obsessed with the title… » 8/29/14 6:11pm Today 6:11pm

Snackdeck: Rating the Frito-Lay contest flavors

So Frito-Lay rolled out four new flavors of chips for their "Do Us A Flavor" contest. I accepted the challenge and tried all four (it helped that my local supermarket was having a sale on Frito-Lay chips). Below are my completely subjective rankings and opinions. » 8/29/14 4:07pm Today 4:07pm

What does Venkman get up to in his free time?

When chasing gophers, ghosts and jaguar sharks just isn't enough, the awesome Bill Murray finds new and better ways to keep being awesome. Murray is part-owner of the St. Paul Saints, and AA* league baseball team in Minnesota. Rather than just sitting in the commentary box drinking Old Style like a good Chicagoan,… » 8/29/14 11:50am Today 11:50am