What scientific fact/theory/etc would you undo?

The recent resurrection of the name Brontosaurus well illustrates the temporary nature of all scientific understanding. Because scientific understanding is based on our best known knowledge and interpretation of that knowledge, there’s the possibility that with more knowledge or with better interpretation, pieces of… » 4/18/15 2:41pm Yesterday 2:41pm

Nick and Hank Go Native To Solve A Case on Grimm: Mishipeshu

On Friday’s Grimm, Nick, Hank, and returning character Deputy Sheriff Janelle Farris investigate what appears to be yet another wesen-related murder, Monroe and Rosalee decide they’re not just going to take Henrietta’s word for it that Juliette can’t be helped, and speaking of, Juliette decides to cause some trouble… » 4/18/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

What's The Political Situation Like in The Force Awakens?

Star Wars Celebration has revealed the names of two of the major factions in The Force Awakens: the Resistance, who seem to represent the next generation of the Rebel Alliance from the original trilogy, and the First Order, who appear to be the (non-Timothy Zahn) heir to the Empire. But are these the only political… » 4/18/15 1:14am Yesterday 1:14am