Saga #6, or If There's A Rocket, Tie Me To It

Saga is not like other comics. These aren't issues, so much as chapters. There is no supervillain who gets thrown in jail, only to break out to swear revenge in a few issues (at least, that hasn't happened yet). If you miss a chapter, you might lose the thread of the story... which is half the reason for these recaps.… » 7/31/14 4:30pm Today 4:30pm

Sadface! Narcolepsy paper retracted.

The very first post I made on the Odeck was on this cool story about how narcolepsy may actually be caused by the immune system. This hypothesis came about after researchers saw a spike in narcolepsy in Scandinavia and China after injection with an H1N1 vaccine, or infection with H1N1, respectively. » 7/31/14 3:12pm Today 3:12pm