In Defense of Jezebel's Disney Dick Pics

I don't know if Jezebel's Disney Dude's Dick Pics was a smash hit with its intended audience, given that I'm not 100% of Jezebel's regular readership. I do know that some readers seem to find both the pics and perhaps the very concept a bit too much on the disturbing side. Me, personally, I don't find any offense at… » 8/21/14 1:24pm Today 1:24pm

What Will Be The Undoing Of The Superhero Movie?

So let's see. According to this Indiewire article, there are 23 comic book movies due out over the next four years. (Well, technically 22, now that Guardians of the Galaxy is out.) That's seven Marvel films, seven from DC, five from the Foxverse of X-Men and the FF, and four Spidey-related movies from Sony. That's… » 8/21/14 12:44pm Today 12:44pm

Tough Guys From The Bronx Are Also Fluffy

These male Snow Leopard cubs are the latest success story in the Bronx Zoo's participation in the Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan, overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 99% of my reasons for posting these baby animals are related to factors like cuteness, adorability, and other important things, but… » 8/21/14 11:50am Today 11:50am