BUMP For the day people Guise I made a Groupblog that for now is about …

Because I like fucking around with Kinja I followed the instructions Gamecat235 made about making a groupblog here, and made a group blog called The Alley. I made two new separate accounts to merge to make sure Kinja didn't somehow eat this account which I post and comment with, then just gave myself the blog. So far… » 4/24/14 3:45pm 33 minutes ago

Original Script For Controversial Game Of Thrones Scene Very Different

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the rape scene from the latest episode of Game of Thrones, in part because it deviated so dramatically from the way it was depicted in the book. Thanks to Dan Abromowitz and HappyPlace, we now know that the original script had the scene playing out very differently. » 4/24/14 3:08pm Today 3:08pm

Automate your Android device the easy way!

There's tons of apps in the Play Store that can make automating various things on your phone as simple as set and forget. However, some of them (like my previously preferred app, Tasker) have a learning curve that calling "steep" would be a disservice to the word steep. Outright insane and difficult would be the better… » 4/24/14 2:27pm Today 2:27pm