Is Shaw a psychopath?

So nearly everyone loves Shaw's no nonsense, cut to the chase delivery, usually at gunpoint, on Person of Interest. She's fun, no doubt! But I'm speaking here as a person who only started following the series in the third season, a few episodes before the Machine Gang took down HR, and I'm wondering if she's really a… » 4/20/14 7:27pm Today 7:27pm

Engage/Dismiss/Ignore, Autism Edition

A nearly two year old post on a quack treatment has generated many posts by this person who is dangerous and should have her OT license taken away. Maybe even be jailed for endangering children. It is almost funny just how many errors she makes. I got a couple of replies myself, full of random CAPITALIZATION that are… » 4/20/14 8:29am Today 8:29am