"Parks & Rec" and "Ping Pong": The Entertainment series, Part Two.

So, as I previously wrote, I learned to love Parks and Rec after a somewhat lukewarm reception of the first 6 seasons late last year, and how the last season managed to resonate with me and make me blubber like a wuss, in the process reminding myself of another series, which as the ending moments neared also made me… » 3/04/15 10:16am 35 minutes ago

I Will Crush Them: Secrets of SHIELD episode "Aftershocks"

The Agents of SHIELD are back with a vengeance! The team ruthlessly demolishes its opposition while the Inhumans continue to evolve - especially the eyeless man and the Girl in the Flower Dress! » 3/04/15 5:00am Today 5:00am

Make a $10 (Or More) Donation For A Chance To Hang Out With RDJ

Even though it will lower my chances if more people enter, I felt I should share this with my fellow MCU and RDJ fans. In support for Julia's House (a children's hospice), RDJ is offering a night for one winner and a friend with him. » 3/04/15 1:04am Today 1:04am

Snow & Palm Trees

In a sort of "weird science" story (but sadly unrelated to the movie), Huntington Beach, CA (in the OC) was hit with hail yesterday, which resulted in what looked like snow covered beaches and streets, to go with the usual palm trees and sunshine. » 3/03/15 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm

Tuesday Game Room: Scream If You Want To Go Faster Edition

It's another quiet week for big releases - perhps most notably Screamride, Microsoft's new rollercoaster game, but that's not stopping a veritable cavalcade of smaller titles coming out this week. Trying something new? Digging into your backlog? Tell us all about it in Tuesday Game Room! » 3/03/15 1:07pm Yesterday 1:07pm