Smeagol eats it so you don't have to: a TERRIBLE experiment.

New Years' Eve, 2008: Mrs. Smeagol and I didn't have any great plans for ringing in the new year, so we settled on heading down to the local Hollywood Video (never forget) for a couple of DVDs. On the way home, we swung by the nearby Burger King for a couple of burgers to go with our movies, since we didn't feel like… » 8/22/14 5:00pm Today 5:00pm

Jacob Clifton Interview: Exploring a New Kind of Singularity

Maybe a shoddy Skype connection was the best medium for an interview about our inability as humans to fully know one another. We talk and our speech sounds perfect to our own ears, but on the receiving end who knows how much has been conveyed, how many words have broken up. I didn't realize it as I was speaking alone… » 8/22/14 3:03pm Today 3:03pm

The Making Of “Homer At The Bat,” The Episode That Conquered Prime Time…


On Feb. 20, 1992, more American homes tuned into The Simpsons than they did The Cosby Show or the Winter Olympics from Albertville, France. A foul-mouthed cartoon on a fourth-place network bested the Huxtables and the world's best amateur athletes. Fox over NBC and CBS—its first-ever victory in prime time. New over… » 8/22/14 12:24pm Today 12:24pm

So I watched Howard the Duck last night and it was way way diffrent…

So last night I decided to watch Howard the Duck. I had not see it sense I was a kid. I have to say I enjoyed it more now as an adult than when I was a kid. Also holy cow that movie was PG and in the first 15 minutes there is nipples, albeit Duck nipples but still nipples. Then Howard gets a job at a hot tub massage… » 8/22/14 8:40am Today 8:40am