Gotham "All Happy Families Are Alike" Recap

This finale left me with a lot of mixed feelings. Watching the promos over the weekend, I got the notion that, yes, it was going to insane, but maybe too insane. That too many elements were being crammed into one episode. And so they were. Inconsistencies, odd character choices, and truncated storylines abound to… » 5/05/15 3:08pm 11 minutes ago

Christian Game Developer Makes Game to Kill Queer People

Steam’s Greenlight initiative, aimed at giving smaller developers a chance to develop on the platform, has not been without its problems. Valve instituted a $100 fee in order to “cut down on the noise” of joke submissions. That level of oversight did not prevent Randall Herman, Christian skateboarding shoe cobbler » 5/05/15 1:20pm Today 1:20pm

It's Mother's Day Storybrooke Style on Once Upon a Time 

So leave it to Once Upon a Time to get started on the holiday a week early with a look at various mother/daughter relationships. First, a quick recap for last week: Emma tracked down her old friend Lilly (Maleficent’s daughter) to find Lilly had known for years the truth about Storybrooke (thanks to the Apprentice)… » 5/05/15 12:18am Today 12:18am