Learn With Community: Greendale's Greatly Gnarly Grifters

We find out Jeff is not happy about grifting classes he can’t teach (1), Britta is sticking to her principles of self-sufficiency by asking her friends to ask her parents for money, and everyone is honkey dory! Except for Chang. He might be diabetic. Now, let’s grab our regulation grifting suitcases and discuss our… » 5/06/15 11:07pm Yesterday 11:07pm

Elements of Style, Observation Deck Edition

Whoo boy. It’s been kind of crazy these last few weeks around here. Some behind the scenes stuff, some more public stuff, but you know what? It’s all good. We have quite a few newcomers coming in, and for them and those that aren’t here all that often, things can get kind of confusing and hectic. With that said, I… » 5/06/15 4:33pm Yesterday 4:33pm

When You’re Bullied For Not Liking Something Popular

Every time a popular movie, game or TV show comes out, there are going to be people who either didn’t like it or thought it was flawed. There shouldn’t be a problem with this as we can’t all like the same things and are all going to have our own personal opinions.
» 5/06/15 1:15pm Yesterday 1:15pm

Secret Wars #1: Holy Shit

Spoilers, blah blah. You’ve been warned, blah blah. Don’t read any further if you wish to remain unspoiled, etc etc. I’m clearly just trying to write enough so that the spoilery bits don’t accidentally show up on the header and piss someone off. Have I done enough now? I hope so, because it’s very difficult to write… » 5/06/15 1:02pm Yesterday 1:02pm

Wednesday Android Update: It's Happening Edition! (UPDATED!x3)

For some reason I keep telling people “Happy Monday”, despite it being Wednesday. Clearly my brain has just associated the work week with “fuck Mondays” permanently now. [shrugs] » 5/06/15 12:59pm Yesterday 12:59pm