My hopes and speculation for the post-Secret Wars Marvel universe

I'm a massive Marvel fan, and with the complete "All New All Different Avengers" revealed, including the creative team of Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, it's clearly time to look past Secret Wars and make some educated guesses and wild speculation. And a few of my personal hopes and fears to go with it! » 3/26/15 12:36pm Today 12:36pm

TMIT:  Too Much Information Thursday

Surely none of us are members of the landed gentry so we all know what a weekend is; and what to do with one. So what are your plans for the weekend? » 3/26/15 9:00am Today 9:00am

On Saturday there's a special event about chocolate at the National Museum of the American Indian so we're going to head down for that and maybe take in a bit of the…

Marvel at animations and possibly learn biology in the cross thread

Hello, friends, and welcome to this week's cross thread. Today, I present to you the video shown in every college biology class since it was made in 2006 by XVIVO for Harvard professors to show in their undergraduate classes: The Inner Life of the Cell. A longer, narrated version is presented here, but if you would… » 3/26/15 8:56am Today 8:56am

Watch Half the Cast of The Flash Sing "The Ballad of Serenity"

Jesse L. Martin isn't just a great actor — he's also an accomplished singer and writer. And he's teamed up with three other Flash actors, Carlos "Cisco" Valdes, Rick "Eddie Thawne" Cosnett, and Patrick "Captain Singh" Sabongui, to make The Letter Carrier, a short musical film about a black family in 1860 hiding in… » 3/25/15 10:00pm Yesterday 10:00pm

Which Non-Canon Universe Do You Like Better Than Official Canon?

Many media franchises these days have an expanded unverse. And yet often times, the people behind the biggest part of that franchise can't be bothered to keep up with what the other people playing in their sandbox have been up to. So often, the official stance is, "The expanded universe is not canon," or the slightly… » 3/25/15 9:15pm Yesterday 9:15pm