"Who would you go on a blind date with: A collector of Guns or Knives…

Recently I discovered a few of my coworkers have specfic hobbies, namely Firearms and Knives. They showed me pictures of their collections and man, they were plentiful. I'm talking about a room full of guns (pistols, shotguns, rifles) and shelves of knives (Rambo-style hunting, tactical, unique pocket, not swords or… » 9/30/14 6:17pm 14 minutes ago

Product placement technology just leveled up

Imagine you are watching The Beastie Boys' classic video for Sabotage when suddenly you realize, much to your confusion, that Mike D (aka Alasondro Alegre) isn't holding a 70's era walkie talkie but a Sony Xperia Z3 smart phone. You may wonder what it could be. Is it a mirage? But I am tellin' all ya' all this is just… » 9/30/14 4:46pm Today 4:46pm

Legend of Korra Book 4 Opening scene! And the Antagonist is revealed!

So many questions! AVATAR KORRA PARK!!! So does this mean no one has seen Korra in the three years she has been recovering??? We also get a glimpse of the Air Nation's first family and everyone is all grown up!! Meelo and Rohan have hair. Jinora and Ikki look awesome in their slight suits. Gah can Friday get here… » 9/30/14 4:10pm Today 4:10pm

Church of Superheroes - Teaching moral lessons through superhero stories

This is not a joke. The founder was on (LA based) KROQ station's The Kevin and Bean Show to talk about his new church (in Oregon, official church status still pending) that will use the stories of superheroes, instead of passages from the Bible, to teach morals and life lessons. » 9/30/14 2:15pm Today 2:15pm