Tuesday Game Room: Scream If You Want To Go Faster Edition

It's another quiet week for big releases - perhps most notably Screamride, Microsoft's new rollercoaster game, but that's not stopping a veritable cavalcade of smaller titles coming out this week. Trying something new? Digging into your backlog? Tell us all about it in Tuesday Game Room! » 3/03/15 1:07pm Today 1:07pm

World Wildlife Day: Education and Celebration!

Today is World Wildlife Day, a day that the United Nations set aside to celebrate wildlife and raise awareness about what you can do to help protect vulnerable species of plants and animals (many of which have been made vulnerable by human activities). Particular focus is being placed on stopping wildlife crime,… » 3/03/15 12:24pm Today 12:24pm

60 Years of the Godzilla Franchise in Infographics 

After the release of the Legendary Pictures "Godzilla" in the summer of 2014 a debate started in the fandom about Godzilla not appearing enough. But there was no actual data on how much time Godzilla appeared in any of his other films. Since this information didn't seem to be recorded anywhere I started a project… » 3/03/15 12:23pm Today 12:23pm

How to Make a Cohesive (and Compelling) Alien Cinematic Universe

It's official. Fox is making a new Alien movie in addition to a new Prometheus and a new Predator. You know what that means: the best-known sci-fi horror setting is back in business. And while it may seem too soon to speculate about the three films interconnecting in any way, it's worth remembering that this is… » 3/02/15 11:37pm Yesterday 11:37pm

Where’s my undersea science fiction show?

The recent post about Lost in Space got me thinking about other Irwin Allen projects. I saw the movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea several times on TV as a kid in the '70s. The Seaview bursting out of the water at the beginning is a classic scene. If space opera is back, why not undersea opera? » 3/02/15 9:28pm Yesterday 9:28pm

Sony rebranded the Walkman app, from its phones as "Music "

...for the Android Lollipop update. But why Sony would ditch the branded app – could it be to simplify what the app does to new users? Could it be to tie into the rebranding to "PlayStation Music", which will replace Music Unlimited at the end of this month? Could it be to disassociate some of Sony's assets in a… » 3/02/15 7:32pm Yesterday 7:32pm